Applied Leadership

Applied leadership is an outstanding model which helps leaders absorb and deploy the tools to walk the talk, see the big picture, do things differently, enable people to act and also ignite their sprits. This workshop creates results and the right culture which impacts employee satisfaction, productivity, attrition and business results.

Deliverables of the Workshop
When participants complete the Workshop, they will be able to:

  • Identify their leadership strengths and weaknesses.
  • Create a culture of success.
  • Understand the tools to set the example for others by aligning their actions with the organisational Values.
  • Learn to formulate and express their big picture to the team members.
  • Understand the psychology and the tools to Inspire others to share a common vision.
  • Create a system that builds the Constant and Never Ending Improvement (CANI) mindset in the minds of the team members.
  • Build a system which encourages team members to search for opportunities to take the risks needed to achieve goals.
  • Understand and apply the tools to build collaboration, teamwork, and trust.
  • Learn to mentally and emotionally engage teams.
  • Develop the application knowledge of new tools for developing others competencies
  • Understand the essentials to recognize the accomplishments of others.

Best Suited For
  • Leaders who need to produce better business results
  • Leaders who need to create better culture to improve engagement scores
  • Leaders who want to impact CSAT and ESAT scores.
  • Organisations who are preparing leaders for their next role
  • Organisations that want to create better leadership pipeline
  • Organisations that need any form of transformation

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