The Client's Need

The client had some employees in Resbay (Resolution Bay). Resbay comprised of a 4 week training program where in team member were kept under the employee conservation plan. Rosebay was an outlier management program where in Customer Satisfaction was driven by driving Resolution. Resbay had an internal target of 80% graduation. There was no direct control over the team. There was demonization in the agents due to non performance and employee conservation plan. The team changed every 4 weeks as the old members were frequently replaced with new agents.

CLD's Intervention

CLD supported the team in implementing the leadership behaviours, focussing primarily towards the big picture of the future prospects amongst the employees. The managers were coached on specific skills to challenge the existing process and bring improvement. Eventually the teams were supported in the decision making towards the achievement of the internal target.

The CLD Impact

CLD helped the client by sustaining high customer satisfaction and also improving it. CLD helped the client reach the following results:
  • TPR (Total Problem Resolution) in Resbay moved from 71 % up to 100 % and was finally consistent at 100 %.
  • FCR (First call resolution ) in Resbay also achieved 100 % consistency level.

Total Problem Resolution (TPR) is the resolution index which is calculated on the basis of total number of surveys where in customer rates that his issue is resolved to the total number of Surveys received.

Similarly FCR ( First call resolution ) is calculated if the issue was resolved in first contact.

GROWTH OF TPR (Total Problem Resolution) after the CLD Intervention

GROWTH OF FCR (First call resolution) after CLD Intervention

How we deliver measureable results

CLD has developed a proprietary tool a called Behaviour Targeting & Mapping Process (BTMP®). This process helps in identifying right behaviours which can create desired results. CLD builds a custom curriculum, designs the education strategy and provides individual coaching sessions that proactively address the problems that are tightly focused on learning and sustaining the key desired behaviours. Behaviour experts first study the organization to assess the target areas and identify leadership behaviours that need to be addressed. This helps CLD to understand the causes of disconnect, map improvement possibilities and subsequently help the Leaders create their own development plan, take right action and achieve desired goals.

By using the principles of Applied Behavioural Science and DISCOVER More®. CLD brings measurable and lasting results to the business. The impact not only addresses and resolves current issues but also bring higher level of leadership competence to achieve much higher goals.

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