The Client's Need

A client from the beverages industry wanted to do Team Building Workshops for a group of about 200 people from 5 zones. The client wanted CLD to do a pre-assessment before the start of the initiative and do a post assessment after about 8 weeks to see the improvement.

CLD's Intervention

We at CLD identified 6 essential team building competencies where the intervention would focus. These areas were:

  • Coordination and Cooperation
  • Trust and Openness
  • Right Communication
  • Leveraging on Strengths
  • Demonstrating Personal Leadership
  • Respect and Appreciation
CLD team of behavioural experts worked out 5 behaviours under each of them. Upon approval from the client, we at CLD did a pre-assessment around those behaviours by using questionnaires and some interviews to see how the team members were viewing the team on the 30 behaviours under the 5 team competencies. Post this the Team Building Design Document was prepared and the Workshop was designed. They were run across 5 locations. During the workshop, CLD facilitators focussed on the team building competencies through simulations, video cases, games and experiential activities. The results of the pre-assessment were also shared and the teams did another reality check on their current standing on the Team Building Competencies. They then took the responsibility to improve the scores upon themselves. They were also informed by the CLD facilitators that another post assessment would be done in about 8 weeks.

The CLD Impact

The following are the results were seen after the comparison between the pre and the post assessment.

Average Growth in Competencies after the Intervention

Highest Growth in Competencies after the Intervention

Highest Growth in specific Team Building Behaviours

Team Building Behaviours

 % Growth

Team Members work collaboratively with colleagues to achieve team goals 59.25%
Team Members respond positively to requests’ for help and support 58.665%
Team Members Place confidence in colleagues, staff members and clients 59.52%
Team Members are accessible and available for communication 57.72%
Team Members help others develop their strengths to improve performance 55.33%
Team Members are seen as honest, competent and forward looking 58.48%
Team Members ensure that goals, plans and milestones are met 60.38%
Team Members share credit for team accomplishments 56.12%
Team Members treat each other with dignity and respect 61.88%
Team Members find ways to celebrate accomplishments 61.09%

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