The Client Need

A client targeted "increased efficiency and effectiveness ”. The earlier focus was on process improvement, cost control, and efficiency programs but had never targeted leadership effectiveness as a major success driver. Thus there were no concrete results.

CLD's Intervention

CLD provided leadership development and coaching to all the managers. The coaching focused on creating high-performance leadership behaviours and bottom-line business results. These individuals learned to set clear expectations, hold people accountable for their commitments, and provide frequent positive and constructive feedback. They were assisted in defining their philosophy of leadership and developing a challenge taking and risk taking approach to bring improvements in the existing processes. They were trained in the area of rewarding and team building.

Through CLD's support, managers learned to activate and sustain desired Leadership Behaviours for team members. Coaching improved the competence and confidence of managers as leaders and agents of positive behaviour change, leading to improved morale for the team members. The participants were provided coaching around the areas of common values adherence, art of appreciation and rewarding and future orientation & planning.

The CLD Impact

CLD helped in reducing costs and improve the leadership effectiveness of its leadership team.
Samples of project improvements include:
  • Roster Adherence System was introduced for the first time.
  • There were savings of $197,610 in Quarter 1. This was the highest savings done amongst other accounts in the company across all locations.

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