The Client Need

A client had issues of low morale amongst employees .

CLD's Intervention

CLD provided follow-on training and guidance to the leadership team regarding leadership skills. The leadership team introduced behaviour-based solutions.

Through CLD's support, managers learned to activate and sustain desired Leadership Behaviours for team members. Coaching improved the competence and confidence of managers as leaders and agents of positive behaviour change, leading to improved morale for the team members. The participants were provided coaching around the areas of common values adherence, art of appreciation and rewarding and future orientation & planning.

The CLD Impact

CLD helped this company improve its overall performance by focusing on the Leadership Behaviours of employees, managers, and senior leaders. CLD helped to achieve the following results:
  • There was an increase in the handling capacity by 800 hours in the month of Jan & Feb 08 as the over time incentive was introduced was the first time.
  • Sick leave policy was introduced for the first time.
  • There was an increase in People Engagement Activities
  • To understand issues and concerns of the agents, pre-planned daily one-one sessions were made mandatory. These sessions focused significant issues like appreciations for job well done & showing them the way ahead.
  • An increase in touch time with the agents was observed. Their issues & concerns were taken into consideration and resolved.
  • There was Zero Supervisor level attrition amongst direct reports in the last one year
  • There was vertical growth of people within the span in the last 2 quarters with promotions of following :
    • 1 Manager
    • 3 Sr. Group leaders
    • 1 Group Leader
    • 8 Quality Analysts
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