The Client's Need

The leadership team of a client had issues regarding improvement in overall performance .

CLD's Intervention

CLD provided training & coaching around the Leadership Behaviours to the leadership team. The leadership team introduced behaviour-based solutions. The participants were given coaching around goals setting, risk-taking capacities and establishing the flow to bring improvement in the current processes.

CLD supported the managers to improve on the competencies and confidence as leaders. Eventually there was a positive behaviour change, leading to improved overall performance.

The CLD Impact

CLD helped to achieve the following results:
  • There was a significant increase in the Level 1 & Level 2 Tech queues handling. As compared to Q3, the Tech queues increased by 13% & 12% respectively in Q4 '08
  • A consistent performance in the CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) Standardization was initiated in Q4 '08. There were significant gains seen in Agent Variation Management
  • Project Revamp was successfully rolled out in the process which resulted in reduction of the AHT(Average Handing Time) & increase in handling of the calls.
  • NMQ (Network Migration Queue) was successfully launched with hiring and training of 57 FTEs. A training module was developed & technology was set up with a turnaround time of less than two weeks.
  • Several contests, such as Quarter AHT(Average Handing Time) contest, were successfully rolled out in the process. These contests focused at rewarding high performing employees. This resulted to a remarkable impact on Representative satisfaction & AHT(Average Handing Time)
  • The downtime policy for the floor was revisited
  • There was a significant increase in the billable AHT(Average Handing Time) .

Reduction in AHT as a result of CLD Intervention

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