The Client Need

A company targeted at bringing down the average number of UC(uncheck)/UM(unmanaged) trades(financial transactions) of cash value > $1mm and > $10k month-to-month. The number of such trades for Nov-Dec 2007 was 236.

CLD's Intervention

CLD provided leadership development and coaching to the leaders. The coaching focused on creating high-performance leadership behaviours to improve bottom-line business results. These individuals learned to set clear expectations, hold people accountable for their commitments, and provide frequent positive and constructive feedback.

The CLD Impact

CLD helped in reducing costs and improve the leadership effectiveness of its leadership team.
  • All critical fails to be investigated and updated
  • The team was successful in getting down to an average of 111 trades in Mar-April 2008.
  • The performance of the team became 30% higher than the lower baseline target and 42% better than the baseline target.

Basis, the leadership coaching, the leaders focused on people and their alignment to the organisation. The team members were quickly initiated to the organisational goals and were now able to see a direct linkage between their goals and the BIG picture.

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