Coaching For Results

Coaching is leading. Once you have the tools you will find it is the most powerful form of leadership you can practice. Leaders with the proper coaching skills can motivate direct reports and work with both bosses and peers in a manner that enhances productivity.

CLD's coaching skills development programs are classroom-based programs that provide coaching skills for leaders, from first-line managers to senior executives. Coaching Skills Workshop helps create internal coaches in the human resource and line functions

Coaching Skills is a workshop which teaches managers and leaders how to coach team members effectively to building competence and lead to enhanced results. This is designed for managers and leaders who have team members reporting into them.

Deliverables of the Workshop
  • Understand the classic mistakes that coaches make.
  • Understand the Coaching Interaction Model (CIM)
  • Develop application knowledge of the 3 core competencies of a coach
  • Understand the 5 outcomes of coaching
  • Learn to use the 5 tools of the process of dynamic enquiry
  • Understand the tools to build resilience and optimism in people being coached
  • Introduce the participants to the tools and methodologies of coaching skills
  • Learn to understand and apply the tools of Right Action to produce results
  • Develop mastery over tools to foster possibilities, develop plans and generate commitment to action

The tools learnt in this workshop can be applied by leaders to generate the following results:

  • Increased profitability
  • Development of new revenue streams
  • Career advancement
  • Improved employee accountability
  • Enriched employee relationships
  • More cooperative teamwork
  • Improved employee morale
  • Increased job satisfaction and retention
  • Personal results desired by the person being coached
  • Manage adversities in a powerful manner
  • Emotional well-being of the person being coached
  • Building competencies to generate business results

Best Suited For
  • Individuals who want to develop coaching skills for use in the workplace.
  • Leaders who want to develop their coaching skills to be more effective.
  • Organisations wanting to create a 'coaching culture' that yields tremendous business results.
  • Internal coaches (such as human resource and organizational development specialists) interested in maximizing their organizational impact.

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