Discover Model

We have worked towards capturing our learning’s about behavior and have converted them into simple, memorable tools that leaders can easily use.

Discover Model –is the amalgam of how leaders align and manage critical behaviors. This model can be applied whenever there is a need for individual behavioral change & improving business results.

DISCOVER’s eight step approach helps to determine the behaviors you desire in your Organization, which will in, turn produce results such as:

  • Improvement in competencies of key performers and leaders.
  • Increase in discretionary performance at all levels and improvement in targeted results.

Outcomes of Discover More…Model

Business Results - Rapid and measurable achievement of targeted results by fostering the critical behaviors that truly make a difference.

Execution – Faster, more consistence, more complete execution of strategic initiatives. , while rolling out new and improved processes.

Culture – Culture is a pattern of behavior that gets encouraged or discouraged by the companies system .An environment that encourages desired behaviors and ensures there are sources of encouragement for employees getting "the right results, the right way".

Each of this improvement relies on aligning behaviors toward the same outcomes, so that the success will sustain because the behavioral approach becomes embedded in the culture.


DISCOVER MORE Model is a patented tool of CLD

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