Individual Coaching Solutions

What is Coaching?
Coaching is an interactive and a developmental process where the coach expands the capacity of the coachee to overcome challenges and meet pre-defined objectives.

CLD coaches work with the Person Being Coached(PBC) to create opportunities for developing self awareness, generating results, building competence or achieving his/her levels of well being.

CLD coaches apart from holding certification have substantial experience in consulting, training and education. This makes them more skilled to work through complex situation while coaching.

We have deployed various proprietary models effectively to help leaders achieve both short term as well as long term organisational results. Based on the goals to be achieved, our coaching is differentiated into various forms.

Executive Coaching is the art of facilitating the unleashing of people’s potential to reach meaningful, important objectives. Coaching is an interactive and developmental process where the coach enables the coachees to find their own solutions, discover new opportunities, and implement actions.

CLD's provides one-on-one competence development opportunities for Sr. Business leaders, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners. Our coaching framework ensures that the coach and the PBC (person being coached) establish an effective and productive relationship. The coach is your mentor, advocate, sounding board, support, and biggest fan.

The coach assesses the areas for development and challenges the Person Being Coached in a manner that boosts the stretch needed for development, and then supports the participant to insure change.

At CLD, the coach would ensure each engagement is custom designed to the business and personal needs, focusing on their development. The coach will listen to every word, and in between words to assure your best, even when you can’t hear it.

When should you engage a Coach?
Coaching is used as a powerful tool for leadership transition & development. So executive coaching can be used;

When you need leaders to-

  1. 1. Acquire new leadership strategies and tactics and implement them properly;
  2. 2. Capitalise on inherent leadership strengths and bridge gaps;
  3. 3. Cultivate self-awareness of their behaviour patterns and passions.
  4. 4. Gain greater balance between work and home;
  5. 5. Increase self-awareness and interpersonal effectiveness.
  6. 6. Enhance teams organisational performance;
  7. 7. Acquire specific leadership competencies
  8. 8. Make it possible for an executive to plan his/her personal development and growth within the organization.
Types of Coaching

Coaching offered by CLD is of the following types

  1. 1. Behavioural Coaching
  2. 2. Succession Coaching
  3. 3. Feedback Coaching
  4. 4. Relationship Coaching
  5. 5. Role Transition Coaching
  6. 6. Performance Coaching
Our Model and Why it is unique

CLD’s coaching model CORE is unique because-

  1. 1. They help acquire new knowledge and skills in an encouraging and supportive manner.
  2. 2. They focus not only on the leaders development but also the larger organisational objective.
  3. 3. They are planned for specific results which are tracked throughout the coaching intervention with Individual Dashboards.
  4. 4. They focus on building a non judgemental and trusting relationship between the coach & the person being coached.
  5. 5. They ensure that the leader is able to maximise his & his teams effectiveness and contribution to the organisation.

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