5E Model - An Overview
The following are the key stages of CLD’s 5E Model-
Stage 1- Engineer the leadership Behaviours
Stage 2- Evaluate the Leaders on the engineered behaviours
Stage 3- Educate the leaders on the Behaviours
Stage 4- Enable the implementation of the leadership behaviours
Stage 5- Evolve the leaders by assessing the understanding and application of the newly learnt behaviours

Most businesses are facing competitive and complex pressures with significant changes both inside and outside the organisation. These changes are impacting the type of leadership capabilities required for creating organisational success.

It is becoming critical for organisations to focus on its leadership development strategy and process. Different organisations have different challenges and would therefore have the need to evolve different leadership development models and frameworks.

We at CLD have created a unique 5E Model which is strategically flexible yet company specific. It starts with accurately defining the leadership behaviours which create success to culminating with measuring the success of development of leaders around those behaviours.

Our approach to teaching leadership is practical and action oriented. We use carefully and uniquely designed methodology which includes combination of assessments, lectures, self discovery exercises, group discussions, video simulation exercises, coaching and case study. Using different learning models the participants are able to identify and analyse their leadership objectives and challenges, evaluate options around critical leadership behaviours and then detail a plan to apply these behaviours to their work environment.

Some critical elements of our 5E Model includes-
  • Clear focus on measurement with pre and post assessment.
  • Instant feedback on growth using uniquely designed scorecards.
  • 13 weeks journey leading to familiarity with, understanding and application of critical leadership behaviours.
  • Positive reinforcement of all significant behaviours
  • Improvement in business results.
  • Each participant’s application becomes a case study by itself.
  • Constant communication with all stakeholders.
  • Availability of a certified coach through the intervention period.
  • Individual attention and support to all participants
  • Leaders develop themselves in a structured and yet flexible framework.

Some results we have produced using our 5E Model are-
CLD has worked with the clients to facilitate remarkable & measureable improvements around following competencies:
CompetenciesHighest growth
by the batch
Achievement Orientation119%
Building Leaders76%
Commitment for excellence94%
Driving change130%
Effective Communication104%
Planning & Execution133%
Strategic Perspective83%
Customer orientation142%
Working in teams122%
  • Highest growth of 98.8 % was achieved by two participants in the Leadership Behaviour Profile – Innovating to Win
  • Growth of 97.7 % was achieved by two participants in the Leadership Behaviour Profile – Enabling for results
  • Growth of 97.7 % was achieved by a participant in the Leadership Behaviour Profile – Energizing the Spirit
  • Growth of 96 % was achieved by two participants in the Leadership Behaviour Profile – Laying the Foundation
  • Growth of 93.3 % was achieved by a participant in the Leadership Behaviour Profile – Creating a Compelling "Big Picture"

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