Relationship Management

Relationship Management is an unique model which focuses more on relationships between the people we work with. This workshop helps to identify one's behavioural style and adapt to other people behavioural patterns. This helps in making relationships more rewarding and helps in effectively diffusing interpersonal conflicts. This can be run for the complete organisation across levels and functions.

Deliverables of the Workshop
  • Understand what makes people unique and different from each other
  • Learn to appreciate various dimensions of behaviours which govern our behavioural orientation
  • Generate more clarity over where friction and stress in relationship comes from and how to build more rapport in any relationship
  • Develop a good understanding of various 4 behavioural profiles
  • Learn the skill to identify other's styles by observing their behaviours
  • Develop the ability to build flexibility to modify own style to match other's styles
  • Learn to build compatibility in any relationship
  • Develop the ability to communicate effectively, serve powerfully, lead for better results and sell more by applying the above to any business context.

Best Suited For
  • Leaders who want to generate better business and cultural results
  • Organisations that want to improve inter and intra department team work
  • Sales Professionals who want to sell more
  • Leaders that want to foster healthy relationships
  • Teams wanting to reduce conflicts in relationships
  • Customer Service Professionals who want to improve CSAT scores.

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