Outbound Team Building Workshop

In today's business scenario, much cannot be achieved without team worked and perfect synergies.

At CLD each team building engagement is custom designed to suit the needs of groups, whether natural teams, cross-functional teams or hierarchical units focusing on their particular development.

Team Co-action is an Experiential Team Building workshop which focuses on activities and games with direct correlation with business situations. This workshop covers all elements of team work such as bonding, trust, respect, collaboration, planning, appreciation, working with constraints, creativity, passion etc.

An experiential workshop is always more powerful because it provides creative and challenging activities that lead to significant breakthroughs in team performance and group functioning. Participants in an experiential setting can relate to their professional situations more effectively. These settings involves fun and enjoyment coupled up with very powerful learning and seniority and expertise is neutralized to a large extent as a result of participation and sharing amongst the participants is of the highest order. Such an experience exercise is unusual and absorbing, and as an outcome of this, the bonding that happens is very strong and is likely to continue.

Our critical success factors in conducting team building workshops that the focus is on unique activities which are full of fun and learning. We customize our workshops to meet team and organizational needs and ensure that we bring out powerful business relevance in the debriefing sessions. We also offer implementation and assessment tools to measure key elements of team work.

Deliverables of the Workshop
As a result of The Team Co-action Workshop, you will be able to:

  • Improve Coordination among team members
  • Build more Cooperation & collaboration amongst team members & organization
  • Generate trust among team members.
  • Bring openness among team members
  • Plan out strategies to achieve team and organizational goals
  • Uncover the creativity and innovation in all team members
  • Enhance interdependence between team members
  • Foster the right communication channels amongst organization and team
  • Bring about a better sense of team bonding.
  • Leverage on strengths of all the team member
  • Creating leaders who take the leadership and build joint ownership in the teams
  • Increasing the respect and appreciation for the talent of each team member
  • Effectively utilize the available resources
  • Understand tools to Conflict Resolution
  • Develop more personal leadership amongst all team members
  • Get all team members to focus on one common objective
  • Improve the levels of listening and sharing amongst the team members
  • Create more celebration for the milestones achieved
  • Generate the motivation to become a "Dream Team"

Best Suited For
  • Teams that need to step up to higher levels of performance
  • New teams which have just been formed
  • Teams that need to work on a common objective
  • Teams which are facing inter-personal conflicts
  • Teams going through some change or transition
  • Teams that are going through challenging times
  • Teams that need to improve their effectiveness
  • Teams that need more alignment to each other and one common goal

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