"There was a high degree of excitement among all the Vice Presidents after attending the workshop. It created a lot of energy and the participants had internalized the profound insights that they experienced during the workshop."

Manjit Singh
V.P- Human Resources, Bank of America

"The intervention opened participant's mind to new ideas, modes of communication & interactions. I personally got feedback of its impact."

Gourish Hosangady
CEO, SAS Institute India

"Sanjay shares powerful human technology, delivered in the most lucid manner. Participants are influenced positively and finally leave with abundant energy, passion and desire to excel"

Bimal Rath,
Ex Dir-HR,BT Manufacturing Ltd.

"All our people have been through Sanjay's seminars. I am yet to meet a person who would say that it has not made an impact on his personal and professional life."

Rakesh Sharma,
Ex Dir HRD, Amway India

"Our employees from across the country have attended Sanjay's program and they have all come back with great deal of enthusiasm and positive charge. His inputs have helped them redefine their relationships with internal as well as external customers."

Sandeep Kohli,
Chief Manager HRD,Siemens Information Systems Limited (SISL)

"All of us felt that this has been the best training program that we have ever attended in our lives. We strongly believe that this will do us great in our professional and personal lives."

Mukesh Magoon,
Regional Info.head, S.Asia Region, World Bank

"Sanjay Salooja is an excellent, brilliant teacher of skills in the areas of self actualization and team building. He has great ability to help people do deep introspection of what he or she wants to be and then jointly develop and implement a " Self Improvement Plan". Winning teams always win and Sanjay helps organization to become winning teams."

Sudershan Banerjee,
Ex CEO, Vodafone Services

"An outstanding program delivering more than expected and delighting participants. Some positive effects are really long term, without additional reinforcements. Very powerful delivery, charging us with unflagging energy.... "

Gopi Nambiar,
V.P Human Resources, Seagram Manufacturing Ltd.

"Thank you for the great job you did with the my senior managers. You have a 'UNIQUE' ability to communicate with and teach others. Indeed, a very 'Rare' talent. The feedback from everyone was outstanding"

William S. Pinckney ,
MD&CEO;, Amway India

This program was quite different in a positive way as it spanned over a long period of time. The 13 weeks collation of evidences though were a strenuous exercise but really helped me in judging where I lacked in those behaviours and helped me to consciously practice a few.

This program helped me in the following ways :

1. Risk assessment was done much more strategically across all my streams and then i understood how will the risk be taken care of and how will we     prioritize our work to see that the risk to the bank is has been mitigated at the end of the day.
2. Organize team resourcing during absenteeism and scheduled leaves.
3. Assist my team leads in their responsibilities if they are stretched.
4. Manage escalations and resolve issues.
5. BCG matrix management. Managing both motivated as as well as non motivated people.
6. People and Performance management(People are motivated, challenged, efficient and effective).

Subashis Mitra,
UBS US Cash Equities Operations WIPRO - BPO

"Sanjay brings abundant energy and passion to what he does. All those who attend his workshop are bound to walk out with a profound and a long lasting impact. His work is unique and a must for all."

D.K Bakshi,
Dir - HR, Luxor Writing Instruments

"WASP is a true example of effective, easily understood and relevant material for addressing attitudinal challenges in this changing environment backed by excellent real life examples and outstanding interactive presentation skills of Sanjay Salooja".

Sanjiv Sethi,
VP - Sales and Marketing, Fritolay India Ltd.

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